We bought Pepi , our beautiful dog, from Deb and Klem at Camden Valley Groodles and Labradoodles. He is my son Zaki’s constant companion. Recently my youngest son , Koru, was sick for a week. He constantly woke moaning and crying in the night with very high temperatures. Pepi didn’t leave his side for the whole week. He was always touching Koru, letting him lean on his back to go to sleep and gently licking Koru’s cheek until he stopped crying. He would only slink quietly away for a drink, or whatever, after Koru went back to sleep. It was very touching to watch. After about 6 days Koru ,was better and Pepi took himself back to Zaki’s room to sleep each night. It was such a picture of devotion! Brought a tear to my eye. My husband, Taz, said again that Pepi is the best dog we could ever have.